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Case Studies

See why businesses choose inspHire to manage their rental processes

Buckhurst Plant Hire

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Buckhurst have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing plant, utility and transport equipment across the UK. Established nearly thirty years ago, back in 1993, Buckhurst had only one yard, with a small amount of equipment. Since then, the business has grown to 5 depots across the UK and over 3,000+ pieces of machinery and plant. With their most recent depot opening in Wellingborough.

Buckhurst are dedicated to supplying the highest quality of plant hire, at the most reasonable prices, whilst being committed to delivering outstanding customer service. The customer first culture that Buckhurst are renowned for has contributed to the consistent growth of the business, by producing loyal customers who continually return and have supported Buckhurst for many years.

Buckhurst needed a hire management solution to meet their business needs

Prior to the installation of inspHire, Buckhurst were using a dated hire management solution, which struggled to meet their demands. The main issues they faced came around usability and reporting, only being able to have one window open at a time became a hindrance and began to slow up a lot of processes which ended up impacting their efficiency.

The business was constantly growing and with plans to expand even further, Buckhurst knew it was time to search for a more suitable hire management solution that matched their ambition and could continually grow with them.


inspHire software was the perfect solution!

After researching the market, Buckhurst came to the conclusion that inspHire was the best hire management solution for them.

“We chose inspHire over the other products we looked at because we felt it was the best product for our size of business. When we had the inspHire demonstration we were very impressed with the level of functionality, it has the ability to allow and help us to grow”.

Another inspHire product that Buckhurst are benefitting from is Workshop, this has improved their utilisation of equipment by easily managing the maintenance of their equipment. This allows them to achieve the best possible ROI.

Most recently, Buckhurst have just rolled out inspHire Mobile. All delivery drivers can now use the mobile application when dropping off or collecting machinery, rather than having paperwork, which adds efficiency with ease.


“We have found it much easier to track our assets with inspHire and the level of reporting is far superior. Also, the customer service is great, any questions we have are responded to quickly and efficiently.”

- Lee Gansler, Buckhurst Plant


For more information on Buckhurst Plant Hire, visit their website: https://www.buckhurstplanthire.co.uk/ 

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